Summer by the Book

Summer by the book 2021
Showcase under Construction, exhibition of thoughts
Workshops for children & adults
authors Mirna Gott (text) i Ana Mack (illustrations)
photo: Vanja Vascarac
Opening 23.7.2021/8 pm
The journey is the goal, Confucius
How does one exhibit a thought? How to approach it and to make it approachable to others? How to mold it, prepare it for the journey from the author’s head to the eye of the reader? How to encourage reading, reflecting on the read, on one’s own thoughts? And in the end, how to spark the urge for the thoughts, the fleeting, unimportant ones as well as the key ones, which are so often hidden, to be formulated and articulated?
These are the questions set by the author duo Gott (texts)/Mack (illustrations) during the process of conceptualizing the exhibition Showcase under construction, created as an answer to some. The compendium of thoughts used as the basis of the work contains very personal definitions of everyday terms and notions such as freedom and friendship, notions of a particular time period. Apart from redefining the outlines of one’s personality, this compendium contains flashes of memories serving as anchors, on whose firm foundations the ability to adapt to new needs and directions of life’s next chapter becomes fluid and easy.
This literary-visual experiment engages the viewers’ attention through shaping of thoughts through different media: thought/word, line/drawing, plasticity of the exhibits. Parts of the exhibition are interactive, inviting the viewers to create their own picture of the exhibit.
The programe is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media in the Year of Reading in Croatia